A new vision for modeling individualized health trajectories

Sema4 is a patient-centered health intelligence company dedicated to advancing the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. With Centrellis™, our innovative health intelligence platform, we’re using advanced network analysis to build better models of human health and deliver personalized insights for patients.

Our Story
We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists, data engineers, and clinicians committed to pioneering the future of healthcare. Learn more
Our Products
Our genomic tests, digital tools, and clinical collaborations deliver insights to drive better health decisions, now and in the future. Learn more
Our Technology
We design and develop advanced technology platforms – including bioinformatic pipelines, predictive modeling, and multiscale technologies – to reveal mechanisms of disease and clinically actionable biomarkers. Learn more
Our Research
Our scientists are leading breakthrough discoveries in the fields of data science, network modeling, genomics, and multiscale biotechnology. Learn more

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