Learning about your personalized residual risk and regional genetic ancestry with Carrier Screening

Negative results can be a relief; however, there remains a chance that you are a carrier for certain conditions even after a negative result due to the possibility of residual risk. Your personalized residual risk of being a carrier is based on your regional genetic ancestry, as some inherited conditions occur more frequently in certain ethnic groups.

Our Our Sema4 Elements® Expanded Carrier Screening can identify ancestry information from your DNA, which is used to calculate your unique risk as part of your carrier screening. Based on your specific ancestry, Sema4 can determine how likely we are to detect disease-causing variants in a particular gene, and provide you and your provider with your personalized residual risk information. While this personalized residual risk information is available to both you and your provider, your specific regional ancestry results are only visible to you in our secure Sema4 Patient Portal.

Learn more about personalized residual risk and how we identify your ancestry information by clicking the Ancestry Info Card button below. If you’ve already taken your Carrier Screening with Sema4 and have questions on how to access the Patient Portal to see your ancestry results, learn more here.

According to cancer.gov a disease-causing variant is a genetic alteration that increases an individual’s susceptibility or predisposition to a certain disease or disorder. When such a variant (or mutation) is inherited, development of symptoms is more likely, but not certain.

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