Innovative Solutions for the Evolving Biopharma Landscape

Sema4 delivers comprehensive insights to Biopharma to accelerate the drug discovery, development, and commercialization life-cycle, powered by Centrellis®, our AI-driven health intelligence platform. We offer an extensive portfolio of health information solutions, providing analytics for actionable insights, pre-clinical and clinical trial support, and advanced sequencing services. As drug development becomes increasingly complex, Sema4 is a partner trusted to deliver innovation and value to the Biopharma industry

Partnering with Biopharma to Deliver Advanced Insights

Sema4 is uniquely positioned through its world-leading expertise and capabilities to provide data-driven insights across the drug development pipeline, from the best points of therapeutic intervention to identification of the most appropriate patients for more efficient clinical trials to characterizing the journeys of patients treated with therapeutics in the real world.

Our innovative approach relies on three core capabilities that synergize to deliver value at the pre-clinical, clinical, and commercial drug development stages, leading to better outcomes and the advancement of precision medicine:


Unique Expertise

Sema4 was founded by world-renowned computational biologist Dr. Eric Schadt, who has extensive industry experience in generating drug candidates through advanced network modeling. Our team of 100+ PhD-level scientists are world-leading experts in big data, network modeling, systems biology, multiscale biotechnology, and genomics. Between them, they have published more than a thousand peer-reviewed publications in the last five years

Rich Data

We collect, standardize, normalize, structure, and abstract meaning from enormous amounts of multidimensional, large-scale data. From patient data from health systems to molecular data from our advanced sequencing tests, we have access to rich, highly secure data. By transforming these data into a common model that enables portability across health systems and using artificial intelligence (AI)-driven natural language processing (NLP) to process unstructured data, we generate enhanced, structured data that can be used to optimize patient health trajectories.

Analytics & Insights

Centrellis harnesses state-of-the-art AI algorithms we and others have developed to deliver substantial analytical horsepower that enables the construction and validation of advanced predictive models, including probabilistic causal network models. These models are capable of generating actionable insights that can inform decision-making across the drug discovery, development, and commercialization pipeline. We are fluent in how to deliver these insights and their benefits to the Biopharma industry.

From Deep Understanding to Better Therapeutics

A deep understanding of disease and how it impacts patients is essential to efficiently deliver the right therapeutics to the right patient at the right time. At Sema4, we start with access to the appropriate data that enables causal modeling of diseases, the identification of potential treatment options, assessment of outcomes, and ultimately delivery of treatments to patients in need. Our vast patient data warehouse includes the electronic health records of millions of patients from highly diverse populations, encompassing many different indications, including but not limited to oncology, inflammatory, cardiometabolic, and rare diseases.

We employ our cutting-edge skills in AI, machine learning, NLP, knowledge bases, knowledge graphs, adaptive learning, and big data science to unlock the insights contained within our data. We leverage world-class expertise in network modeling and systems biology to identify the key regulatory modulators of disease in the most appropriate molecular context to generate a holistic perspective of disease:

    1. We build and interrogate causal networks comprised of multiple data types to assess the molecular basis for, and differences between, diseases
      • Identify novel causal regulators of molecular states associated with disease by viewing disease as a continuum rather than as a constellation of one or a small number of genes
      • Assess disease and position existing drugs as treatment options
      • Discover biomarkers for patient stratification
      • Identify optimal patient-specific drug combinations
    2. We integrate perspective and expertise from key opinion leaders to improve our disease models


We also offer comprehensive genomic profiling services through our CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratories, and will soon utilize exome sequencing and low-pass whole genome sequencing for the vast majority of our genetic tests. Our new exome testing platform was internally developed by Sema4’s industry-leading clinicians and scientists, and includes thousands of genes identified by medical experts as clinically relevant and actionable.

For oncology, we offer two profiling solutions for solid tumor and hematological cancers, both of which include whole exome sequencing (for tumor and normal samples) and whole transcriptome sequencing (for tumor samples only). We also provide a comprehensive range of hereditary cancer panels, all of which are run on medical exome data.

Advanced Solutions, Services, and Support to Accelerate All Stages of the Drug Development Lifecycle

We have the tools and expertise to transform an ocean of raw data into powerful information. We can then convert this information into knowledge and, ultimately, a level of understanding that can help answer questions fundamental to the Biopharma industry. From models that can optimize the design of a phase III rare disease trial, to leveraging real-world evidence to enable development of digital trials, to key mechanistic insights regarding disease subtypes, we can generate the strategic answers to power your drug development pipeline and achieve better outcomes for patients.


  • Identification of novel biomarkers
  • Determination of biomarker efficacy (CDx)
  • Novel target identification and target prioritization
  • Identification of new indications
  • Characterization of potential adverse effects
  • Identification of combination therapeutics
  • Expansion of indication based on off-label use



  • Patient identification and recruitment
  • Protocol design and optimization
  • Patient stratification (biomarkers)
  • Toxicity profiling and prediction
  • Synthetic control arms
  • Natural history of disease studies
  • Patient engagement and retention
  • New CDx development



  • Characterization of patient journeys
  • Post-market patient engagement
  • Identification of new market opportunities
  • Surveillance/Pharmacovigilance
  • Formulary decisions
  • Clinical outcome analysis

A Trusted Partner to Biopharma

Sema4 has a proven track record of success in working with the Biopharma industry. Learn about some of our recent projects below.

Clinical Research Study Support
We are conducting a five-year collaborative study with Sanofi to provide new insights into the biological mechanisms and other factors implicated in asthma. The project is currently recruiting nearly 1,200 people with asthma. It will follow them to collect a range of data—from traditional clinical data to genomics, immunological, environmental, and sensor data from mobile devices—to enable sophisticated analysis and advanced network modeling of this complex disease.

For more information, see the press release we issued on this study.

Drug Repositioning
Scientists from Sema4, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and Eli Lilly and Company recently published the results of a study demonstrating that patient-derived cells offer a more effective approach for assessing drug response than conventional methods. These findings could pave the way for streamlined drug discovery, particularly for diseases such as schizophrenia that have seen little therapeutic innovation.


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