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Improve productivity and solve key pain points in your clinical trials with Sema4

Sema4 contains over 10 million patient lives detailing each patient’s individual care journey, referencing tens of millions of visits, test results, and physician notes. With next-generation technologies such as machine learning-enabled natural language processing (NLP), it curates physician notes and electronic medical records (EMRs) from health systems around the country and links these to genetic data. In combination with the data, Sema4 has created proprietary applications with the unique ability to parse out study level insights from publicly available sources to develop complex patient attribute networks.

Leveraging Sema4’s unique data and attribute networks are intuitive software applications that produce powerful trial insights to enable precise matching of patients to trials, to maximize patient availability and enrollment through protocol optimization, and provide pre-qualified patients to facilitate faster trial enrollment. Learn more below.

Sema4 Solution: Find my Trial Patients enables early identification and enrollment into clinical trials using precise clinical and genomic I/E criteria. Explore the videos below to deep dive into this solution.

What is FMTP:
The purpose of the Find My Trial Patient application is to empower sponsors to make better and informed decisions about the studies that need to be prioritized to ultimately help expedite timelines and enable more shots on goal. By referencing available data on ongoing clinical trials, sponsors can compare eligibility criteria of those studies to the patient populations available within the Sema4 database and confirm eligibility prior to scheduling the screening visit. Watch the video to learn more.
FMTP Modules:
Find My Trial Patient has three overarching modules. The Browse module provides information on the competitive landscape of a trial, the Details module enables sponsors to review how many patients Sema4 has within our databases that are eligible to participate in any given trial, and the third Overview module provides an overview of studies taking place within the sponsor’s portfolio. Learn more by watching the video.
Honest Broker Approach:
Sema4 can help coordinate enrollment into a study by playing the role of an honest broker. When the sponsor requests a patient cohort for a given study, a member of Sema4’s patient experience team will reach out to the physician treating the patient to work towards enrolling that patient into the study. Watch the video to learn more.
Sema4 Solution: Design My Trial
Sema4 Design My Trial solution guides clinical teams in determining which clinical and molecular I/E criteria will maximize patient availability and enrollment. The tool enables you to plan and maximize your trial’s patient enrollment. Further, modernize your eligibility criteria and ensure accurate matching of patients with trials by exploring Sema4’s trove of historical clinical trial data and utilizing Sema4’s data warehouse and attribute networks. Delight your team by sharing these newfound insights with them. If you would like to see a full demo of Sema4 Design My Trial, please fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in touch with you.

The accuracy and efficiency of patient identification and recruitment can be increased by mining Sema4’s rich and curated clinical and genomic data and analytical capabilities. When implemented at the site level, it reduces the burden on the trial PI by providing pre-qualified patients thereby facilitating faster trial enrollment. Further, the unique Sema4 advantage that our pharma partners can benefit from is the manual confirmation of each patient that fits the given criteria. If you would like to see a full demo of Sema4 Patient Pre-Screening, please fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in touch with you.

Customer requests a patient cohort
Sema4 identifies matching patient using our advanced analytics and NLP capabilities
Sema4 manually ensures patient matches all criteria
Sema4 informs matched patient’s provider
Sema4 helps enroll interested patients in trial

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