Explore 3 actionable tips to help
advance precision medicine initiatives


In this engaging webinar, the panelists bring a variety of perspectives to discuss the barriers to bring precision medicine to the patient and possible ways to overcome them.

Watching this webinar can help you learn more about: 

  1. The role of deep, longitudinal clinical and multi-omic datasets in advancing precision medicine initiatives
  2. The role of advanced bioinformatics and systems biology in uncovering differentiated insights across the entire drug development lifecycle
  3. The role of educating clinicians and patients to optimize delivery of precision medicine at scale and to measure its impact


Maria Karasarides
Vice President of Early Assets & Biomarkers, Worldwide Medical Oncology, Bristol Myers Squibb 

Sean Khozin
Chief Executive Officer, CancerLinQ and Executive Vice President, ASCO 

Michelle Zimmerman
Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, Sema4 


William K. Oh
Chief Medical Science Officer, Sema4 



>90% of anti-cancer drugs fail marketing approval due to poor efficacies and efficiencies, high toxicities, drug resistance or unexpected safety issues.

Adoption of NGS technologies will expand understanding of the genetic basis of human diseases, help identify novel compounds or re-use existing compounds, increase drug efficacy, reduce adverse reactions, and facilitate personalized therapies.

Read our research to learn more: Clinical and Translational ScienceClinical Cancer Research, and Human Molecular Genetics publications.


Enable Precise Matching of Patients to Trials

Sema4 contains de-identified data of 10+ million patients detailing each patient’s individual care journey from tens of millions of visits, test results, and physician notes from health systems around the country, which are curated and linked to genetic data.

In combination with this data, Sema4 has create proprietary applications, such as Find My Trial Patient (FMTP), to parse out trial level insights for inclusion/exclusion attribute network development and to eventually help connect the right patient at the right time to the right location.

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