Sema4 Signal: Advanced Oncology Profiling Solutions

The most comprehensive oncology
sequencing solution for Biopharma

Sema4 SignalTM is our family of data-driven precision oncology solutions that facilitates and advances precision oncology care, from prevention to diagnosis and treatment. With a growing set of health systems running Sema4 Signal, it is a valuable asset for research teams wanting to find trial patients and generate data.

We work with partners from pre-clinical through clinical trials and commercialization, leveraging Sema4 Signal WES/WTS. This test integrates tumor-normal matched WES with WTS to rapidly deliver the most comprehensive information about somatic and germline alterations across ~18,500 genes, in solid tumors and hematologic malignancies.

For partners seeking a focused panel approach, we also offer Sema4 Signal PanCancer, which delivers insights on over 2,000 of the most clinically relevant and actionable cancer genes for solid tumor and blood cancers, and the 161 gene Sema4 Signal Solid Tumor Panel, designed for cases with limited sample size. Sema4 also offers comprehensive hereditary cancer testing for research. Learn more here.

The power of Sema4 Signal WES/WTS


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