Partnering to drive precision medicine

Besides providing market-leading sequencing capabilities, Sema4 also assists partners with in-depth interpretation of the generated data. Our precision medicine experts work with partners to interpret results, including de novo biomarker signature discovery, and create predictive network models.

We are experts at structuring and analyzing large sets of genomic and clinical data, and our bioinformatics pipelines are industry-leading. Using machine learning and natural language processing, we draw insights from this structured data at the individual and cohort level and make these insights accessible to our partners through our digital tools.

AI-driven insights, expertly delivered

Sema4 has extensive experience, across the US and beyond, in delivering services and solutions. We provide a tailored, full-service model to our partners, including:

  • Creation of customized analysis reports (see below)
  • Genetic counseling services
  • Client-focused delivery systems
  • Clear regulatory outlook
  • Comprehensive support from our clinical and data science experts

Comprehensive analysis reporting

  • Customized to partners’ needs
  • Delivery frequency tailored to project
  • Contain actionable insights from Sema4’s curated knowledgebases
  • Clinical trial assay reports delivered directly to clinical sites using a partner-specific portal

Working with us

As a research partner, Sema4 can support you throughout the therapeutic discovery and development process, from optimizing biomarker discovery to leveraging our biorepository services and accelerating clinical trial enrollment. We offer a portfolio of sequencing solutions for oncology, women’s health, rare disease, and immunology, and currently enjoy fruitful partnerships with a number of pharmaceutical companies, major health systems, research consortia, clinicians, and advocacy groups.

Click here and here to read about two of our Biopharma partnerships.

Why Sema4

  • Sema4 is a patient-centered health intelligence company dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease through data-driven insights.
  • As one of the leading clinical genomics labs in the world, Sema4 has run >500k large NGS panels.
  • Our world-class expertise in data science, machine learning, and network modeling, combined with our best-in-class genomic tests and understanding of how to deploy these tests across a system, give us a critical edge in delivering precision oncology care solutions.
  • Sema4’s research focuses on structuring multidimensional data into clinical insights. We conduct research using our advanced genomic tests and real-world data to advance precision oncology care.
  • We have published more than 150 peer-reviewed papers on subjects including prognostic biomarkers, tumor profiling, and chemoimmunotherapy, and indications including non-small cell lung cancer, glioblastoma, and multiple myeloma.


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