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Sema4’s accomplished research team includes world leaders in computational biology, machine learning, and genomics. Our researchers build and deploy AI-based models to advance healthcare through data-driven insights and regularly publish in peer-reviewed journals. In addition, extensive collaborations with health systems, clinicians, and pharmaceutical companies enable Sema4 to deliver patient-centered, clinically relevant insights that drive precision medicine.

Sema4 has established one of the largest, most comprehensive, and fastest growing integrated health information platforms. It is now generating and processing over 39 petabytes of data per month, growing by almost 1 petabyte per month, and maintains a database that includes more than 12 million de-identified individual clinical records, including over 500,000 with matching clinical genomic profiles, making it one of the largest known datasets of this kind in the world.
Sema4’s Centrellis® platform drives big data solutions to transform, aggregate, and abstract data into high-quality formats that are optimized for query and analysis. To go beyond just analyzing simple structured data fields, Sema4 uses machine learning enabled natural language processing (NLP) to process the rich unstructured data from patients’ medical records to extract meaningful insights. Sema4 uses a multiscale integrative strategy to process EMR data with complex biological data from many sources, such as genome, proteome, transcriptome, epigenome, and microbiome, to provide a uniquely comprehensive view of disease biology.

By leveraging this large-scale, high-dimensional data and internal data science expertise, Sema4 supports the entire spectrum or real-world data (RWD) application.

  • Identification of unmet need
  • Biomarker identification
  • Natural history of disease
  • Trial design and protocol optimization
  • Data-driven site selection
  • Patient identification and recruitment
  • Comparative effectiveness
  • Patient journey mapping
  • Label expansion
To learn more about our digital tools, read our blog piece on how Digital Health Tools Glean Clinical Intelligence from Patient Records.

Sema4 has developed methodologies to integrate diverse multi-omics data, including genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic data, into causal probabilistic networks that help to understand disease processes and identify key biomarkers through advanced network analysis. Sema4 researchers have also pioneered leveraging DNA variation information to statistically infer causal relationships among any number of traits with common genetic variance components. Systematic application of these relationships to traits enables to inference of probabilistic causal network structures that can then be mined for a broad range of discoveries.

How Sema4’s Advanced Network Modeling Potentiates Drug Discovery

View our latest Research Highlight summarizing our key findings published in Nature Communications to learn how:

  • Sema4’s advanced predictive modeling identified novel gene expression signatures distinguishing invasive and noninvasive lung tumors
  • Sema4’s integrative network analysis uncovered novel therapeutics targets for treating early-stage tumors before disease progression
  • Sema4’s data science expertise accelerates discovery for collaborators in biopharma, healthcare, and research fields

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Alliance with Sema4 to leverage advanced data analytics and genomic testing to improve patient recruitment in oncology trials.

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