Advanced genomic profiling services for Biopharma

Sema4 can deliver data-driven insights to accelerate drug discovery and development across the clinical disease spectrum. These insights enable our partners to create value at the pre-clinical, clinical, and commercial drug development stages, leading to better patient outcomes and the advancement of precision medicine. Learn more about our Biopharma solutions here.

Enabling Biopharma from early biomarker
discovery through commercialization

Sema4 has one of the most comprehensive portfolios of pharma and precision medicine solutions on the market, which we tailor to meet our partners’ specific needs and deliver with our high-touch service.

Our innovative approach relies on three core capabilities: advanced genomic profiling, data structuring, and predictive network modeling. Each of these capabilities is powered by CentrellisTM, our artificial intelligence (AI)-driven health intelligence platform.

By amassing and mining patient data on a large scale, our sophisticated tools can find new leads and insights that enable informed decision-making across the drug discovery and development pipeline.

Advanced, clinically-validated genomic profiling

At Sema4, we are experts in both somatic and germline testing. Our advanced clinical tests are designed using insights from Centrellis and curated to target the most clinically relevant genes and variants. Using whole exome sequencing (WES), whole transcriptome sequencing (WTS), and medical exome sequencing as routine research and clinical assays, we deliver the most comprehensive molecular insights available to our partners, supported by customized data reporting.

Sema4 delivers value at all stages of the drug discovery and development process

Accelerating the drug discovery and development lifecycle

We can accelerate multiple facets of the drug discovery, development, validation, and commercialization processes, including retrospective biomarker discovery and prospective patient screening. Sema4 Signal WES/WTS empowers our partners to:

  • Access the broadest holistic view of a patient’s genome, enabling analysis for both current and potential downstream or retrospective studies
  • Generate data to power current and future drug discovery studies and advance their understanding
  • Gain deep insights into novel fusions, splice variants, and molecular pathways
  • Investigate driver mutational signatures
  • Learn about germline findings for cancer and non-cancer genes, as per ACMG guidelines1, with relevance to:
    • Comorbidities (e.g., familial hypercholesterolemia)
    • Certain drug interactions


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1 – ACMG Recommendations for Reporting of Secondary Findings in Clinical Exome and Genome Sequencing (ACMG SF v2.0). PMID: 27854360