William Abecassis, Board Advisor

William Abecassis

Board Advisor

William Abecassis has served as an advisor to the Sema4 Board of Directors since July 2020.

Currently, William is also Head of Innovation Capital within Blackrock’s Fundamental Fixed Income and Global Allocation groups. In his role, he leads equity and debt investments in growth-stage firms driving the transformation of their respective industries. William also serves as Deputy Chair of the firm-wide Blackrock Investment Council, and previously led the Market Intelligence Group – a team focused on global economic analysis and modeling.

Prior to joining Blackrock in 2012, William was Head of Fixed Income Trading Strategy at Bridgewater Associates where he spent four years in roles blending investment research in fixed income and currency markets with development of quantitative models and trading technologies. Previously, he was principal and founder of LogisticScience, a strategy consulting firm focusing on development of quantitative decision-support models for Fortune 500 firms.

William earned his Graduate Diploma in Computer Science from Concordia University, Canada and his Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology with extended coursework in Non-Linear Systems and a Minor in Management from McGill University, Canada.