Sema4 Applies Data-Driven Approach to Expanded Carrier Screening

Sema4 Applies Data-Driven Approach to Expanded Carrier Screening, and Will Soon Utilize Exome Sequencing for Genetic Testing Powered by the Centrellis™ Health Intelligence Platform, Sema4’s Expanded Carrier Screen with Personalized Residual Risk Will Help Inform Pregnancy Planning Decisions.

Sema4 Lands New Investors, Continues to Expand

GENOMEWEB | 08.29.19

Sema4 Lands New Investors, Continues to Expand

Sema4 has landed its first outside investment, allowing it to continue its rapid growth. Sema4 updated its investors webpage to include five new entities: private equity behemoth Blackstone; venture capital funds Section 32, OakHC/FT, and Decheng Capital; and Connecticut Innovations, the state’s quasi-public investment agency.



Sema4 Announces Location of its Second Connecticut Lab

Sema4 announces location of its second Connecticut Lab as part of the company’s commitment to the state’s biotech industry. The new 70,000 square foot facility in Stamford will soon be home to 300+ employees. Governor Ned Lamont and U.S. Representative Jim Himes joined a ceremony on August 1st to commence construction.


WIRED | 03.27.19

Sema4 provides women more personalized recommendations for accessing care

“For Sema4, reproductive genetic test are the foundation of an even more grandiose undertaking – collecting a universe of biodata so big and so powerful that it will blot out the one-size-fits-all model of care that has for so long dictated how doctors treat their patients…”



Sema4, Mt. Sinai Collaborate with Sanofi on Asthma Study

“Asthma is an incredibly complex condition associated with genetics, environmental factors, activity levels, the immune system, and more,” said Sema4 CEO, Eric Schadt… “We believe the only way to fully understand asthma is by using sophisticated modeling tools to mine the rich, multi-dimensional data set we aim to generate in this study.”