Consent Options

Thank you for placing your trust in Sema4. We are dedicated to being a part of your healthcare journey and are committed to protecting your privacy. We have outlined directions below for controlling your consent preferences in terms of how your data and your sample may be used.

As a patient, you have provided clinical informed consent in order for Sema4 to perform testing on your sample. This means you understand the risks, benefits and limitations of the test being performed, and have given your consent for the performance of that test by Sema4. Copies of current Sema4 consent forms may be found on the Sema4 Resources webpage.

In addition to clinical consent, which was required to perform the test, you also have additional consent options. Please follow the instructions below to manage your preferences on these additional consents and take the desired action(s).

Using Sema4’s secure webform to change your consent preferences:

  1. Use of your de-identified Sema4 test data for research purposes
  2. Permission for Sema4 to contact you for research purposes

Please note: storage of your sample for future clinical purposes is no longer an option at Sema4.

To access this webform and modify your preferences for any of the above, click here.

Using the Patient Portal to set your consent preferences:

If you have a Sema4 Patient Portal account, you have additional, portal account-specific consent preferences that must be managed within the  Sema4 Patient Portal. The patient portal is also the easiest way to review your test results.

  • If you have a portal account, please login and make your selection there (click on “Account” in your portal to see options)
  • For help accessing your account, please contact or complete and submit this form
  • To close your Patient Portal account, please contact Sema4 support
  • To open a Patient Portal account, please check your email for an invitation after your sample has been received. Contact if you do not see it.

Help with test results:

For help with test results, please contact or complete and submit this form.

Sema4’s clinical data retention obligations:

Please note that Sema4 labs are CLIA-approved and accredited by the College of American Pathologists. We are obligated to retain medical records for regulatory purposes and cannot delete your clinical data. In addition, Sema4 is a covered entity and our retention and use of your data is governed by HIPAA. Further details can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Additional information:

If your question has not been answered by the above information, please contact