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A Fast, Accurate, and Integrated Solution
to Meet Your COVID-19 Testing Needs


Sema4’s comprehensive solution maximizes health and safety during the COVID-19 era. We have integrated our premier clinical and scientific expertise with our leading, cutting-edge digital capabilities to deliver a holistic testing program that enables entities to make fast, informed decisions as they navigate COVID-19.

Sema4 is also driving several research projects to better understand and combat COVID-19. This research will help us remain at the forefront of testing, providing results that can be trusted.

“Sema4 has stepped up in a major way to help Connecticut tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. As our state continues to safely reopen, Sema4’s viral and antibody testing will be key to getting Connecticut’s frontline workers back to work.”

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (Conn.)


Designed for Governmental Organizations, K-12 Schools,
Higher Education Institutions, Large Businesses,
and Healthcare Providers


Sema4 is proud to play an active role in the fight against COVID-19. Since April, we have performed tens of thousands of COVID-19 tests in our state-of-the-art Connecticut laboratory, providing reliable and accurate results within 24 hours for COVID-19 viral tests and within 48 hours for antibody tests. Our configurable customizable digital end-to-end COVID-19 testing solution that includes web portals and an app is designed to:

    • Enable governmental organizations to keep their local and regional communities safe by testing their employees, first responders, residents at long term care facilities, and others.
    • Help K-12 schools with reopening their schools and safeguarding the health of students and teachers;
    • Assist higher education institutions with reopening their campuses and protecting the health of students, faculty, and staff;
    • Help large businesses, including companies such as manufacturers for whom it is essential to have employees on-site and white-collar businesses, reopen their workplaces and keep employees and customers safe; and
    • Support healthcare providers by keeping their employees safe and testing patients before a procedure or appointment.


The State of Connecticut has retained Sema4 as a COVID-19 testing provider for state employees, first responders, residents of long-term care facilities, and patients requiring care at primary care facilities, among others. Numerous higher education institutions, healthcare providers, and large enterprises are also currently leveraging Sema4’s end-to-end COVID-19 testing solution. All entities working with Sema4 are benefiting from our best-in-class COVID-19 testing with short turnaround times and a seamless digital experience for those who order and receive the tests.


Our Core COVID-19 Testing Solution Includes:


Viral and Antibody Testing

    • Sema4 can process up to 15,000 COVID-19 viral tests and 5,000 antibody tests per day in its Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-certified and College of American Pathologists (CAP)- accredited state-of-the-art lab in Connecticut.
    • As one of the leading clinical genomics labs in the world, Sema4 provides reliable and accurate results within approximately 24 hours for COVID-19 viral tests and within about 48 hours for antibody tests. Sema4 uses rapid, high-speed accessioning to quickly prepare samples for processing.
    • For COVID-19 viral tests, Sema4 accepts nasopharyngeal swabs and oropharyngeal swabs, which are collected by a healthcare provider or at an authorized collection site.
    • Both the viral and antibody tests used by Sema4 have achieved the highest level of sensitivity and specificity available for these types of COVID-19 tests.


*Sema4 and manufacturer’s validation
**Manufacturer’s validation


Sema4 Works (a mobile app)

    • Similar to the Sema4 web portal, the Sema4 Works app enables individuals who have been registered by an entity for COVID-19 testing to receive test results.
    • Sema4 Works enables symptom tracking through simple self-reporting of symptoms by registered individuals. These results are provided immediately to the entity that registered them, helping organizations determine whether the individual is permitted to return to the workplace or campus, or if additional testing is required.
    • As part of an Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved research project to better detect COVID-19, registered individuals can consent to record their cough via Sema4 Works, which is then analyzed by artificial intelligence models.
    • View the introduction video to the Sema4 Works App and the guidelines on how to sign up after you become a Sema4 customer



Web Portals

    • Sema4 provides a web portal to help entities register the individuals they want to get tested for COVID-19, order testing kits, and track the status of samples and results.
    • Sema4 enables entities to view COVID-19 test results on the web portal, helping them determine next steps, including whether, for example, it’s safe for an employee to return to the workplace or a patient to undergo a medical procedure.
    • Sema4’s web portal is also designed for individuals being tested for COVID-19, enabling them to provide consent, register for testing, and receive test results.



In addition to our core solution, Sema4 also offers telehealth-based COVID-19 test monitoring, supervision and administration, on-site management for specimen collection, and positive result counseling and a healthcare hotline for non-testing related clinical questions.



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