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Data-driven reproductive & generational health solutions

Partnering with providers to transform the patient health journey

Sema4 Elements® offers a portfolio of information-driven genomic solutions, digital tools, and services that enable providers to treat patients holistically during their reproductive and generational health journey.

Today, we offer gold-standard testing for carrier screening, noninvasive prenatal testing, and newborn screening, as well as hereditary cancer testing.

Unparalleled support for a seamless experience

We understand the complexity that comes with navigating the world of genetics and genomics – including test ordering, billing, insurance coverage, genetic counseling, and reporting of results – and offer services and digital tools to support you, your practice, and your patients.

Support for providers

  • Dedicated Customer Success team and personalized services to seamlessly align with your practice workflow
  • Digital tools, such as the Sema4 Provider Portal, to make it easy for you to order and review test results, access detailed test information, and interface with your EMR
  • Genetic counseling services for your patients and your practice to offer education, assistance interpreting results, and guidance on care options

Support for patients

  • In-network with the majority of national and regional insurers. Medicaid and Medicare accepted
  • Patient-friendly billing policies, competitive self-pay prices, and financial assistance programs
  • We appeal coverage determinations on behalf of patients if precertification or pre-authorization requests are denied
  • Patients can track their tests, view results, and access educational materials through the Sema4 Patient Portal

Pregnancy Journey

A digital, educational resource tool available exclusively via our Patient Portal designed to help patients learn about developmental changes to expect during their pregnancy, with the option to track their vitals. Learn more.

Solutions along the continuum of care


*Prenatal molecular and biochemical testing is available for every disease on our Expanded Carrier Screening
panel along with any additional testing required to support that pregnancy.


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