Hereditary Cancer Support

Supporting your needs


We believe that every provider and patient should be able to easily access hereditary cancer testing, without logistical or financial barriers. That is why we pride ourselves on our in best-in-class services and support, which help make genetic testing accessible for all. From patient identification to post-test genetic counseling and educational support, we offer customizable solutions to meet the unique needs of your practice and patients.

Genetic counseling support

  • Experienced, board-certified genetic counselors provide counseling for all positive results and variants of uncertain significance (VUS)
  • Genetic counseling notes, including family pedigree and management recommendations, are delivered via Provider Portal, Fax, or EMR

Patient identification and education tools

  • Hereditary Cancer Family History Questionnaire to identify which patients should be tested
  • Educational video to support informed consent
  • Patient Portal to access educational content, schedule genetic counseling consults (when applicable), and enable results sharing with family members

Flexible billing options and support

  • For providers: We offer support throughout the prior authorization process if needed and perform proactive benefits investigation for your patients to estimate their potential out-of-pocket costs
  • For patients: Competitive self-pay pricing, payment plans, and financial assistance for eligible patients

Seamless workflow integration

  • Integration with EMR, Sema4 Provider Portal, and paper ordering options
  • Digital tools and services support easy ordering, consenting, resulting, and counseling

Additional features

  • Buccal (cheek swab) kits can be sent direct to patient’s home to avoid the need for an in-office blood draw
  • Reflex testing to meet patients’ needs
  • Upgrade (re-requisition) of panels within 120 days of initial sample report at no additional cost
  • Family variant (cascade) testing: Resources to support testing and education for all biological relatives. Learn more about family variant testing.
  • Biobanking of patient’s DNA for future testing