Sema4 Signal Hereditary Cancer provides actionable information to guide better clinical care decisions


At Sema4, we believe that hereditary cancer testing should inform personalized cancer prevention and management strategies today, while also enabling patients and providers to benefit from the advances of tomorrow. That is why we perform germline testing on a medical exome platform, with biobanking of samples to enable future testing.



Sema4 Signal Hereditary Cancer is:



Seventeen testing panels, including a 112 gene universal panel and organ-specific sub-panels, run on medical exome data. Read more.


Proactive genetic counseling, best-in-class service, broad network coverage, and digital tools help make testing accessible for providers and patients. Read more.

Advanced & Accurate

Multiple methods of analysis ensure the highest detection rates, delivered via the Sema4 Traversa™ genomic platform with biobanking to support future testing. Read more.

Supportive of patients and providers



We can help providers:


For patients without a current cancer diagnosis


  • Detect inherited changes that increase an individual’s risk for certain cancers


  • Identify strategies to reduce the risk of developing cancer and aid early detection


>> Who should be tested? See here

For patients with a current cancer diagnosis


  • Build a personalized view of a patient’s disease by integrating germline testing with our somatic and informatics solutions


  • Identify strategies to reduce the risk of additional cancers


  • Determine the best treatment, including eligibility for therapies such as PARP inhibitors

For all patients independent of diagnosis


  • Identify family members with hereditary cancer risk and enable them to access testing


  • Leverage future clinical advances using biobanked medical exome data




Pre-test educational video

If you believe that a hereditary cancer test is right for your patient, then ask your patient to watch this informational video to learn more about the testing process.


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