Sema4 Signal® Hereditary Cancer

Sema4 understands the importance of proactively screening patients to help catch cancer early. We offer hereditary cancer testing solutions to help identify a person’s potential for developing breast cancer. From family history screening to patient financial support and genetic counseling, our Sema4 Signal® solution will help you identify patients who are appropriate for testing and ensure those in need of further surveillance are not missed.

Perspectives from a provider and a patient on the importance of hereditary cancer testing

Dr. Marra Francis, Head of Medical Affairs for Women’s Health at Sema4, discusses the importance of hereditary testing protocols in the OB/GYN setting, as recommended by USPSTF and ACOG.

Jennifer Reynolds, founder of Pink Warrior Advocates, discusses her experience with a late-stage breast cancer diagnosis, the importance of proactive screening, and the impact it has had on her life.

The convenient kit below includes the patient information card, social media posts, and email templates customizable for your practice so patients can:

  • Understand the importance of knowing their hereditary cancer risk
  • Learn how your practice can help support their care
  • Take steps to understand if hereditary cancer testing may be appropriate for them


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