Advanced sequencing technologies


Sema4 Signal Hereditary Cancer employs multiple DNA analysis methods, along with custom bioinformatics, to ensure the highest detection rate for every gene on our panels. Our hereditary cancer testing technologies are >99% accurate.


    • High-throughput, next generation sequencing (NGS)

    • Targeted gene regions have an average depth of coverage ~200X, with >99.9% of regions covered at greater than 20X


    • Full exon NGS with custom bioinformatics algorithm for copy number variant (CNV) detection


    • Long-range polymerase chain reaction


    • Multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplication (MLPA)


    • Sanger sequencing for exons not meeting a minimum of >20X read depth


    • Confirmatory testing via MLPA, qPCR, ddPCR, and/or Sanger sequencing



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Sequencing today to enable insights tomorrow


Sema4 Signal Hereditary Cancer is delivered via our NGS-based >6,000 gene medical exome platform, Sema4 Traversa™, with clinical biobanking to support future testing. By running our testing on this platform, we can easily add new genes to our panels as evidence arises.



Sema4 is your partner in scientific and clinical excellence


    • Highly-qualified, interdisciplinary team of scientists, data engineers, and clinicians from premier research and academic organizations


    • Over 1,800 peer-reviewed research publications by our >150 PhDs, MDs, and Genetic Counselors


    • As one of the leading clinical genomics labs in the world, Sema4 has run >500,000 large NGS panels in our CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified facilities


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