Sema4 Signal® Hereditary Cancer

Who should be tested?


Patients may benefit from hereditary cancer testing if there is a personal or family history of:


    • Early onset of common cancers, such as the diagnosis of breast, colon, or uterine cancer before the age of 50


    • Multiple cancers, including ≥2 primary tumors or ≥10 colorectal polyps in the same person or cancer in ≥2 close relatives on the same side of the family


    • Rare cancers, such as ovarian, pancreatic, male breast, metastatic prostate, or triple-negative breast cancer, diagnosed at any age


    • Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry


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Sema4 Hereditary Cancer
Family History Questionnaire

Testing may also be appropriate for individuals who have a personal or family history that is not listed above. Patients can be referred to a genetic counselor for a comprehensive risk assessment. The Sema4 Signal Hereditary Cancer Family History Questionnaire can also help identify appropriate patients for testing:

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