Sema4 and VieCure Announce Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Precision Oncology Care

STAMFORD, Conn., and DENVER, Colo. — March 2, 2020 —Sema4, a patient-centered health intelligence company, and VieCure, an artificial intelligence (AI) informatics company with a leading point-of-care clinical decision support platform and a comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) in oncology, today announced a strategic collaboration designed to help oncologists deliver personalized care and treatment to their patients.

Through this alliance, Sema4 data scientists will be able to securely access patient data, which patients have consented to provide, from the VCurePrecision™ EMR platform and analyze them with Sema4’s Centrellis™ health intelligence platform. This development will fuel improvements in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer through data-driven insights and predictive modeling. It will also give oncologists using the VCurePrecision™ EMR greater access to real-time insights that support point-of-care decision-making and clinical trial identification for their patients.

Additionally, the collaboration between the two companies enables healthcare providers to order Sema4’s molecular testing for cancer through the VCurePrecision™ platform, giving them easier access to Sema4’s industry-leading genetic screening. The test results will subsequently be shared with healthcare providers by way of the VCurePrecision™ solution, which also covers genetic counseling options available to their patients.

“Oncologists are embracing the paradigm shift toward data-driven precision medicine, but they face myriad clinical workflow and content-related challenges,” said Fred Ashbury, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at VieCure. “Our system combines patient data with leading scientific knowledge to generate and manage individualized treatment plans throughout the patient’s diagnosis and care journey. We are excited to deliver even better insights to the providers who use our smart EMR through Sema4’s deep knowledge of multi-dimensional data analysis, predictive modeling, and advanced genetic testing.”

VieCure’s oncology-specific and AI-enabled VCurePrecision™ platform has already been implemented in private practice cancer centers and large provider organizations as a point-of-care solution to collect, curate, and streamline information such as imaging, molecular testing, and patient-reported outcomes for tens of thousands of patients. The system also incorporates genetic and genomic data, such as results from next-generation sequencing tests, and includes a consent process so patients can be directly recruited into clinical trials within the VieCure workflow.

“By teaming up with VieCure, we are able to partner with oncologists and healthcare systems to offer a full cancer care platform that includes real-time point-of-care precision oncology insights, research support, and clinical trial recruitment,” said James Coffin, PhD, President and Chief Operating Officer of Sema4. “This collaboration builds on our commitment to use the latest advances in genomics and real-world clinical data to give oncologists and their patients a critical edge in battling cancer.”


About Sema4

Sema4 is a patient-centered health intelligence company founded on the idea that more information, deeper analysis, and increased engagement will improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Sema4 is dedicated to transforming healthcare by building dynamic models of human health and defining optimal, individualized health trajectories, starting in the areas of reproductive health and oncology. Centrellis™, our innovative health intelligence platform, is enabling us to generate a more complete understanding of disease and wellness and to provide science-driven solutions to the most pressing medical needs. Sema4 believes that patients should be treated as partners, and that data should be shared for the benefit of all.

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About VieCure

VieCure has developed a proprietary artificial intelligence informatics software platform in conjunction with a clinical inference engine and smart electronic medical record in oncology. The VCurePrecision™ platform is a real-time decision support system that combines clinical knowledge with patient data to assist oncologists and hematologists in generating personalized treatment plans and managing a patient’s treatment throughout diagnosis, cancer therapy, and ongoing follow-up care.

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