Data-driven precision oncology solutions

Sema4 partners with health systems to deliver precision oncology care through advanced clinical solutions that cover the entire patient journey, from prevention to treatment through remission.

Empowering providers to deliver personalized care for their patients

We are uniquely positioned to change how healthcare systems view precision oncology and, by promoting data sharing, to fundamentally shift how patients take control of their health — to the benefit of clinicians, researchers, and patients alike.

Our solutions start with data – oceans of data. We collect and engineer large-scale, multidimensional raw data from molecular, literature, imaging, and clinical sources. We then curate, annotate, and normalize these oceans of high-dimensional data to generate information that can be analyzed using advanced AI.

With our proprietary algorithms, we quickly extract knowledge that can be leveraged to build more dynamic models of human health, define individualized patient health trajectories, and drive personalized oncology solutions.

  • Health system partner
    Intimate understanding of the logistics required to implement and advance the standard of care system-wide
  • Data-driven insights
    Uniquely positioned, through world-leading data science and multi-omics expertise, to drive personalized oncology decisions using Centrellis™
  • Innovative Solutions
    Comprehensive selection of advanced somatic and germline testing solutions that enable more informed decision-making for physicians and patients
  • Research Leaders
    Deep expertise in precision oncology with proprietary knowledge and research publications in top-tier journals

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