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Partnering to drive data-driven precision oncology


Sema4 partners with providers, health systems, and payors to support precision care through structuring and analyzing large sets of clinical and genomic data, and using machine learning and natural language processing to draw insights at the individual and cohort level. We then make these insights, powered by our proprietary health intelligence platform Centrellis® , accessible through our digital tools.


Delivering insights at the point of care

The integration of genomic testing with structured clinical data can help drive better personalized care across the patient journey. Our informatics solutions enable providers to:

    • Incorporate cohort-based real-world evidence (RWE) into treatment decisions
    • View clinical, molecular, and therapeutic patient journeys, in one integrated timeline
    • Continually monitor health trajectories to understand disease progression
    • More precisely match patients to clinical trials


Enabling health systems to leverage better insights

Health system access to data is critical to enable research, clinical trial planning, and quality of care. We use advanced natural language processing, powered by Centrellis, to structure clinical data and empower health systems to compare patient cohorts using complex queries. These advanced informatics solutions enable health systems to:

    • Standardize protocols to deliver cost-effective, high-quality care systemwide
    • Fill clinical trials more rapidly through intelligent, real-time patient matching
    • Identify which research and trials to prioritize, based on patient population
    • Determine the potential for additional research and trial sites



Digital tools to support precision oncology


Sema4 can partner with you to organize your data and deploy digital tools to meet your precision oncology care needs.


Cohort builder tool

Provides the ability to define groups of patients according to parameters such as stage, histology, and treatments to help health systems instantly understand treatment patterns, identify and prioritize appropriate research, and better understand how to meet quality-of-care and financial metrics.

Clinical trial matching tool

Enables identification and enrollment of patients into clinical trials, and predicts accrual rates for trials using precise clinical and genomic inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Patient journey tool

Provides an interactive timeline visualization of the patient’s longitudinal health journey, complete with diagnoses, treatments, and molecular profiles to enable data-driven care decisions.





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