Enabling Precision Oncology Care for Prostate Cancer

Designed with urologic oncologists in mind, Sema4 Signal offers data-driven precision oncology solutions to enable actionable insights that may inform on the identification and personalized treatment of prostate cancer.

Download our latest Clinical Viewpoint by Dr. William Oh, Sema4’s Chief Medical Science Officer

  • How can we optimize treatment for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) patients?
  • What the approval of PARP inhibitors for prostate cancer has revealed about genomic testing?
  • Which approach may offer the most comprehensive view for prostate cancer treatment?

Sema4 Signal:

An integrated program for prostate cancer treatment selection

Comprehensive germline and somatic profiling in one portfolio

Precision treatment and clinical trial matching selection

Hereditary prostate cancer risk detection, with genetic counseling included

One offering for all your urologic oncology needs

Hereditary Cancer
  • 17 testing panels, including 107 gene universal panel and Prostate panel
Whole Exome/Transcriptome Sequencing & PanCancer
  • In-depth tumor profile of ~18,500 genes, distinguishing somatic vs germline variants with paired-tumor analysis
Patient Support
Genetic Counseling | Video-based Education | Patient-friendly Billing
Digital Tools
Cohort Builder | Patient Journey | Clinical Trial Matching

In this video series, watch Dr. William K. Oh, Sema4’s Chief Medical Science Officer and medical oncologist, addresses key questions in urological oncology: 

  • How has treatment of  advanced prostate cancer evolved? 
  • What role do inherited mutations play in prostate cancer risk and treatment decisions? 
  • What are the benefits of comprehensive genetic testing and tumor profiling? 
  • How does Sema4 Signal enable personalized care in urological oncology? 

Comprehensive coverage of relevant prostate biomarkers

  • PARP inhibitors

  • Treatment resistance

  • Immunotherapy

  • Clinical trials

Identification of familial prostate cancer risk

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