Sema4 is proud to lead in the mission to address healthcare disparities and advance health equity in cancer care

Equalize access to germline and somatic testing in under-represented communities to support personalized oncology care

Ensure patient diversity in the development of oncology research, trials, and therapeutics

Uncover patterns of treatment to advance knowledge of cancer care

Sema4 is working to improve access
to precision oncology care through our


 (REsearch to advance PREciSion medicine and health Equity in oNcology Treatment)

By enabling access, education, and support for our science-led precision care solutions in disadvantaged communities, Sema4 can uncover a deeper understanding of complex genomic landscapes in historically-underrepresented populations and ensure diversity, inclusion, and access in cancer research.

“The REPRESENT study will generate one of the most comprehensive repositories of clinical-genomic information available as a result of the range of molecular profiling techniques, clinical data, and diverse racial backgrounds involved,” said Kashyap Patel, MD, President of the Community Oncology Alliance and CEO of the Carolina Blood and Cancer Care and study co-principal investigator. “Furthermore, by incorporating information on social determinants of health into our dataset, we have the opportunity to better understand the role of social support, education, housing, and other socioeconomic factors in contributing to cancer outcomes.”

Kashyap Patel, MD
President of the Community Oncology Alliance
and CEO of the Carolina Blood and Cancer Care


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