Our Story


Advancing healthcare through information-driven insights

Sema4® is a patient-centered health intelligence company dedicated to advancing healthcare through data-driven insights. We use Centrellis™, our unique advanced analytics platform, to build predictive models of human health to deliver personalized insights for patients in the areas of women’s health and precision oncology, as well as more generalized genomic health screening and modeling across the spectrum of disease.

We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists, data engineers, and clinicians committed to pioneering the future of healthcare. With more than 150 peer-reviewed publications in the last four years and two state-of-the art clinical laboratories, including a newly opened facility, we provide science-driven solutions to the most pressing medical needs.

Unlocking a digital universe of information

Today’s healthcare uses basic tests to gather only a tiny fraction of the information generated by the human body and its surrounding environment, and views patients in a binary way, as either well or sick. The data generated during routine testing and episodic physician visits is limited and inadequate for predicting disease risk and changes in an individual’s health, in advance of the acute onset of disease. Data visible in medical records comprises just the tip of an expansive iceberg.

Lying beneath this superficial data is a wealth of invisible information that is not currently utilized, resulting in a healthcare system that relies on simple binary classifiers to categorize and treat patients as components of large “homogenous” population groups. In reality, there is dramatic heterogeneity within these groups and a spectrum of disease and disease risk that must be interpreted probabilistically – something of which current health systems are not capable.

Moving from data to understanding

We are dedicated to transforming healthcare by using the invisible data to build more dynamic models of human health and define optimal individualized health course trajectories. We employ innovative patient engagement strategies and cutting-edge multiscale biotechnology to collect and engineer large-scale, multidimensional raw data. We then curate, annotate and normalize this data to generate information that can be analyzed using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) analysis.

We believe the best way to promote wellness is to understand humans holistically, as systems akin to vast information networks. From the multidimensional, longitudinal invisible information contained in these networks, we use advanced methods to extract and derive knowledge on disease and wellness. Then, from this network of knowledge, we can ascend to an understanding of disease and wellness at the molecular, physiologic, and pathophysiologic levels, thus enabling a more direct impact on clinical medicine.

A leader in technology, research, and patient care

At Sema4 we never stop evolving. Our internationally recognized research program, run by world leaders in data science and genomics, continuously designs and develops advanced technology platforms – including bioinformatic pipelines and integrative predictive modeling – to reveal mechanisms of disease and clinically actionable biomarkers. We then use these technologies and insights to create products that support patient care – from information-driven genomic tests to digital tools and our innovative Centrellis health intelligence platform – and, in synergy with our clinical collaborations, provide insights to drive better health decisions, now and in the future.