Introducing the Sema4 Product Engineering Team

Sema4’s mission is to advance healthcare through data-driven insights. On the clinical side, our world-class research scientists, lab technicians, and genetic counselors work tirelessly to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases using aggregated multidimensional data. Our product engineering team’s role is to ensure that this complex data is presentable, understandable, and approachable for healthcare providers and their patients. The Sema4 engineering team has not only a keen interest in how providers and patients use our products but also a deep understanding of how a product works or should work as a complex system.

Outside of our passionate commitment to the quality of our work, we have strong camaraderie across our team. Our engineers continuously work to learn from each other and pass on their wisdom and knowledge. We believe that we can grasp complex ideas when we can teach them to others.

The Sema4 product engineering team intends to use this blog space to share what goes on behind the scenes to ensure that our applications meet the highest standards and adhere to the strictest compliance policies. We hope you will learn about the individuals and tools that propel our products, and our architecture discussions, research, software experiments, and lessons learned.

If you’re interested in joining the Sema4 product engineering team, please visit our careers page.