Sema4 Unveils Additional Information on its Biopharma Solutions

Sema4 is proud to be a trusted partner to Biopharma across diverse projects, including our five-year collaborative asthma study with Sanofi. To further showcase our innovative solutions, services, and support for the evolving Biopharma landscape, we have now launched new content on our website.

Sema4 BiopharmaBringing a drug to market is an arduous task; it takes on average at least ten years and close to $3 billion for a drug to move from the lab to the shelf. Sema4 has a proven track record of success in working with Biopharma to deliver comprehensive insights to accelerate the drug discovery, development, and commercialization lifecycle, powered by Centrellis™, our AI-driven health intelligence platform.

We offer an extensive portfolio of health information solutions, providing analytics for actionable insights, pre-clinical and clinical trial support, and advanced sequencing services. As drug development becomes increasingly complex, Sema4 is a partner trusted to deliver innovation and value to the Biopharma industry.

“Sema4 is uniquely positioned through its world-leading expertise and capabilities to provide data-driven insights to our Biopharma partners,” said Tom Neyarapally, Chief Commercial Officer of Sema4. “From the best points of therapeutic intervention to the identification of the most appropriate patients for more efficient clinical trials, we can generate the strategic answers to power drug development pipelines and achieve better outcomes for patients.”

“We are constantly seeking new collaborations so that we can enable our partners to deliver the right therapeutics to the right patient at the right time,” said Krish Ghosh, PhD, Chief Analytics Officer of Sema4. “This new online resource provides interested parties with valuable information on our solutions and a platform for them to connect with us.”


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