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Sema4 is advancing healthcare through information-driven insights

Centrellis, our innovative health intelligence platform, enables us to generate a more complete understanding of disease and wellness and provide science-driven solutions to the most pressing medical needs. The platform offers professionals across the healthcare spectrum data-driven services to better manage, analyze, understand, and act upon health data, empowering them to advance precision medicine within their organization.


Differentiated solutions for healthcare

Using Centrellis, we transform clinical data into advanced solutions, enabling us to:


Structure clinical and genomic data

We partner with providers, health systems, and payors to support precision care by structuring and analyzing large data sets. From this structured data, we extract insights that we make available to health teams through Centrellis’ digital tools.

Build predictive models of disease and wellness

Using Centrellis, we build predictive causal models from structured data to advance our understanding of disease and wellness and identify the best points of therapeutic intervention.

Deliver individualized insights to drive better care

Centrellis uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to extract insights at the patient and cohort level from health data, including electronic medical records (EMRs). These insights are made accessible through Centrellis’ digital tools, enabling healthcare teams to better stratify patients to enhance risk assessment, personalized treatment strategies, and care decision making.

Accelerate drug discovery

Centrellis powers informed decision-making across the drug discovery pipeline, from the best points of therapeutic intervention to clinical trial matching.

Develop highly differentiated genomic tests

Insights from Centrellis inform the design of our state-of-the-art clinical tests, which are curated to target the most clinically relevant genes and variants. Centrellis is continuously updated based on the latest scientific advances, which allows us to rapidly evolve our test offerings and deliver novel content and meaningful clinical interpretations. Learn more about our advanced tests for women’s health and oncology.

Provide access to databases for healthcare professionals

Centrellis is constantly updated and is shaped by multidirectional information flow. For example, insights from Centrellis inform on the patient experience, while patient data also feeds back into the platform, ensuring that it provides the most useful information for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.


A constellation of tools and databases

Centrellis integrates digital tools and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms,
all operating on our proprietary structured database platform.


At Centrellis’ core lies a dynamic repository of multidimensional, longitudinal health data from Sema4 and hundreds of public and private databases. We use Centrellis to structure, curate, annotate, and normalize the data, enabling us to generate information. We then derive knowledge from this information using predictive models, powered by Centrellis’ advanced machine learning algorithms and NLP.

The knowledge generated by Centrellis allows us to ascend to an understanding of disease and wellness at molecular, physiologic, and pathophysiologic levels. We can then define optimal individualized health course trajectories, extract differentiated actionable insights for patients, and improve health at a population level. These outcomes are delivered through interpretative insight tools built on top of Centrellis.


Centrellis for healthcare



Centrellis delivers individualized insights, enabling predictive health course trajectories and optimal treatment strategies for patients. It is a differentiated information resource that engages with and informs the patient experience from enrollment and consent to returning of results.


Knowledge derived from Centrellis empowers providers, enabling them to improve the prevention, detection, diagnosis, and prognosis of disease. Centrellis offers providers deeper insight into the patient populations they serve, better assessment of patient risk, and the ability to leverage personalized treatment strategies.

Health Systems

Centrellis provides health systems with access to critical data. This access enables research prioritization, clinical trial planning, protocol standardization, and high quality, cost-effective care. It empowers health systems to compare patient cohorts using complex queries, thereby enabling treatment decisions, population-level insight, and clinical trial matching. Learn more about our Centrellis-driven tools for precision oncology here.


Centrellis for research


Drug discovery

Centrellis powers drug discovery partnerships. Our unique analytics platform delivers comprehensive insights to enable informed decision-making across the drug discovery pipeline, from the best therapeutic intervention points to identifying the most appropriate patients for clinical trials. Learn more about our Pharma solutions here.

Research collaborations

Centrellis is also the powerful, AI-driven platform through which we provide scientific research and consultancy to healthcare partners. Learn more about our research here.


Centrellis in action

Sema4 recently announced two Centrellis-powered research collaborations with Pharma partners:



Through this alliance, Sema4 data scientists securely access patient data, which patients have consented to provide, from the VCurePrecisionTM EMR platform and analyze them with Centrellis to accelerate precision oncology care. Read more here.


Sema4 provides Janssen access to two of its key assets: industry-leading genomic testing and Centrellis to optimize oncology clinical trial recruitment. Read more here.


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