“Our mission is to assist prospective parents and provide the most comprehensive knowledge available regarding their risk of having a child affected with a genetic disease. We have invested years of population-based research and technology adaptation in our clinical laboratory to create tests that not only expand the number of diseases screened, but also increase the breadth of coverage, to improve carrier detection rates and provide more accurate residual risk estimates to patients.” – Dr. Lisa Edelmann, Chief Diagnostics Officer

The Sema4 labs, operating out of Stamford and Branford Connecticut, provides high-quality genetic testing and interpretative services for routine and esoteric genetic tests with next-generation sequencing technologies. Our laboratories include biochemical genetics, cytogenetics and cytogenomics, and molecular genetics. We offer a unique, team-based approach to genetic medicine. Our laboratory directors work closely with clinical geneticists and genetic counselors to provide state-of-the-art testing and optimal patient support.

The Sema4 labs are Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-approved and accredited by the College of American Pathologists. A comprehensive list of our licenses and accreditations may be viewed here.


62 Southfield Ave

Stamford, CT 06902


1 Commercial Street

Branford, CT 06405