James Coffin

President and Chief Operating Officer

James Coffin, Ph.D., also known as Jamie, is a pioneer in the healthcare and life sciences sector.  He recently served as Chief Executive Officer and President at Source Medical Solutions, the #1 provider of practice management and EMR solutions in the Ambulatory Surgical space.  Previously, Jamie was Worldwide Vice President and General Manager at Dell, leading the Global Healthcare Life Science (HCLS) business over a six-year period to become the #1 healthcare IT services company in the world with $3.5b in revenue, and a workforce of ~13,000 people. He pioneered Dell’s efforts to apply leading-edge information technology into areas including EMR, data analytics, high performance and cloud computing, personalized medicine, claims processing, medical imaging, and pharmaceutical and biotech drug discovery. Prior to Dell, he served as Worldwide Vice President of IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences and grew the division to a $6.5b business. He was also a Director at Terascala Inc.