Sanofi, Sema4, Mount Sinai Collaborate on Largest Asthma Study of Its Kind

“Sema4 and the Mount Sinai Health System today announced the launch of a five-year collaborative study with Sanofi designed to provide new insights into the biological mechanisms and other factors implicated in asthma. The project will follow nearly 1,200 people with asthma and collect a range of data — from traditional clinical data to genomics, immunological, environmental, and sensor data from mobile devices — to enable sophisticated analysis and advanced network modeling of this complex disease…”
SEMA4 NEWS | 11.30.18

Sema4 Natalis at The Westchester – Activate Your Holiday Promo Code Today

This holiday season, our Sema4 Natalis team is on hand at The Westchester to help families understand the importance of deeper insight into childhood health. We are passionate about providing parents access to the latest in genetic testing technology to further prepare them for the future, which is why we have created a special holiday promotion.

New Hope for Drug Discovery in Schizophrenia, Other Diseases with Improved Screening Models

“Scientists from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Eli Lilly and Company, and Sema4 released results from a proof-of-concept study demonstrating that patient-derived cells offer a more effective approach for assessing drug response than conventional methods. These findings could pave the way for streamlined drug discovery, particularly for diseases such as schizophrenia that have seen little therapeutic innovation…”
TECH NATION | 10.02.18

All That Personal Medical Data

“Take Alzheimer’s or heart disease, there may be a hundred different causes or pathways at play that may be affected in you… but completely different ones that affect another person with the same disease. It is about ultimately personalizing medicine in a precise way that is highly accurate, taking all the information into account, giving the most actionable guidance on what you should do to correct the problem…”
CBS | 10.01.18

Testing Babies: Do Parents Have Too Much Information About Their Kids?

“Every parent worries when it comes to the health of their child. Now, a simple test can give mothers and fathers a glimpse into their infant’s medical future…”

Sema4 Applies Data-Driven Approach to Develop and Launch New NIPT and Expanded Carrier Screen Tests

“Sema4 today announced the launch of two reproductive health tests: the new Sema4 Noninvasive Prenatal Select and an enhanced version of its Expanded Carrier Screen. These products, developed with an informatics-driven approach using Sema4’s Health Intelligence Platform (SHIP), add to the company’s industry-leading portfolio of tests designed to support providers and patients from preconception to pediatrics…”
BLOOMBERG | 06.19.18

Data is Key to Medical Care

“At Sema4, we focus on delivering state of the art testing on patients in their normal health course. So, think of genomic testing, carrier screening, non-invasive prenatal testing, somatic tumor profiling. And, as we’re providing that state of the art testing, we are also aggregating lots of information around them regarding their condition, their electronic medical record, and even collecting information off devices, basically to better interpret the state of that individual, what kind of care they should receive, and what kind of disease or conditions they are at risk for…”
BBC | 05.25.18

Interview with Eric Schadt for BBC Tomorrow’s World

“Data can potentially be life-saving. It’s not all these worries and fears that we need to be thinking about when it comes to how we donate our personal information. Sometimes it can be used to crack cases, sometimes it can be used to improve our health. Medical data can be used for wonderful things…”
WTNH.COM | 04.26.18

Want to Know More About Your Newborn’s Health Early On?

“Connecticut mandates that newborns are screened for more than 50 disorders. But for parents who want to know more, there’s now a screening test available for more than three times as many. Every caring parent worries about a baby’s health. Now those who want more insight early on can get it. There’s a supplemental newborn screening test available, Natalis, developed by Sema4, a Stamford based health information company…”

Casting a Wider Net for Genetic Diseases

“While breakthroughs in the ability to diagnose newborns with genetic diseases continues to expand in scope and fall in cost, the extent of newborn screening varies state-by-state. Nevertheless, the improving affordability of newborn screening is expanding access to these tests for parents seeking them. We spoke to Eric Schadt, CEO of Sema4, about the changing landscape for newborn screening, the company’s Natalis test, and how far off we are from routine screening of newborns with comprehensive genetic sequencing…”