Our Technology

Sema4 is at the vanguard of driving transformation in healthcare

We design and develop advanced technology platforms – including multiscale biotechnologies, bioinformatic pipelines, and predictive modeling – to reveal mechanisms of disease and clinically actionable biomarkers.

Our leading-edge data science expertise spans artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive network modeling, and data engineering, and synergizes with our capabilities in genomics to uniquely place us to drive innovation in healthcare.

Our approach is driven by our five core areas of technological expertise:

  • High-performance computing and data engineering
  • Informatics and predictive modeling
  • Multiscale biotechnology development
  • Patient engagement
  • Clinical laboratory

High-performance computing and data engineering

We develop, test, and maintain big data solutions to transform, aggregate, and abstract data into high-quality formats that are optimized for query and analysis.

Bespoke computing infrastructures

  • To facilitate our data engineering projects, we have constructed bespoke infrastructures, including our high-performance at-scale computing environment and a Hadoop-style computing environment to leverage commodity hardware, and developed pipelines to run on scalable architecture

Advanced computing technologies

  • We incorporate a range of cutting-edge computing technologies into our workflows to facilitate our data engineering needs, including cloud, big data, IoT, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and automation

Informatics and predictive modeling

Our advanced proprietary approaches to network analysis provide deeper insights into complex biological systems than traditional methods, allowing us to unravel disease mechanisms and identify key biomarkers.

Predictive modeling of health and disease

  • By integrating high-dimensional, large-scale data across populations of individuals, we can build multiscale causal networks and more predictive models of human health and disease. Advanced predictive models such as these facilitate identification of the best points of therapeutic intervention and allow us to define the optimal individualized health course trajectories that maintain wellness or enhance functioning

Sema4 Centrellis™ health intelligence platform

  • Centrellis is a dynamic repository of deep knowledge on the mechanisms of human health and major diseases, developed and validated through years of research by top-tier scientists
  • We built Centrellis by integrating hundreds of databases and advanced network models into a differentiated information resource which engages with and informs the patient experience from enrollment and consent to returning of results
  • Interpretative insight tools built on top of Centrellis serve a number of applications, including building predictive models of disease and wellness to drive a better understanding of disease and identification of best points of therapeutic intervention. Other outputs include the delivery of novel test content and interpretations for state-of-the-art clinical testing, and enhanced stratification of patient populations to better assess risk and match patients to the most effective treatments
  • Examples of these tools include our Genomics Portal (enabling physicians to explore patient data), Cancer Curation Tool (for annotating cancer genomes), VarSleuth, a pipeline for characterizing novel mutations, and RIMBANET, a probabilistic causal inference engine
  • By applying advanced machine learning algorithms to annotated sets of large-scale data from Centrellis, we can deliver clinical reports and differentiated actionable insights for patients

Sema4 Oncology KnowledgeBase

  • Our team of PhD variant-curators continuously update the Sema4 Oncology KnowledgeBase, an innovative gene and variant curation platform, with the most relevant and current clinical trial data, publications, scientific findings, and drug information at the biomarker level. This information can then be easily accessed by our lab directors, enabling the rapid generation of insights for inclusion in clinical reports

Multiscale biotechnology

We believe the best way to promote wellness is to understand living things as vast information networks. We build dynamic models of disease using data derived from advanced multiscale biotechnology approaches, developed by our scientists, leveraging our deep clinical and informatics resources.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS)

  • Our scientists are at the vanguard of the next-generation sequencing (NGS) revolution, and we have deep expertise with NGS technology, along with the first CLIA-approved NGS core in the state of NY

Integrative genomic technologies

  • Our unparalleled experience in using real-time, single-molecule sequencing enables us to gather powerful integrated genomics data and reveal and annotate complex genomic features not detectable by other methods

Single cell analysis

  • Using single cell analysis, we can examine the transcriptional signatures of individual cells, elucidating complex biological processes such as early embryonic development and tumor evolution

Patient engagement

Informed by years of experience in patient-centered care, we are developing cutting-edge data infrastructures and mobile applications which will allow us to engage patients on an ongoing basis, helping them aggregate and manage data that informs on their health, and derive insights that in turn help guide them along their health course journeys.

Patient and provider portals

  • Our patient and provider portals provide timely, useful information and tools, and enable us to meaningfully partner with our users

Asthma mobile health study

  • Developed using Apple’s ResearchKit, in collaboration with Mount Sinai, our asthma mobile health platform enabled prospective collection of longitudinal, multidimensional data

Clinical laboratory

Building on years of experience operating as the Mount Sinai Genomic Testing Laboratory, we have an unrivaled knowledge of clinical test development across the molecular testing space, extensive expertise within regulatory agencies, and deep know-how in enhancing physician workflows. The fusion of this clinical knowledge with our data science expertise enables us to produce highly differentiated, information-driven tests that deliver accurate, clinically-relevant results to our patients.

Industry-leading laboratory facilities

  • Our two CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratories are equipped to run a broad array of advanced technologies, enabling us to offer a comprehensive range of reproductive health, pharmacogenetic, diagnostic, and molecular and hereditary oncology tests and services