The Sema4 Story

Unlocking Answers to Your Health

More than a decade ago, the decoding of the human genome ushered in a new scientific era. This discovery paved the way for new developments in genomic research and medicine—yet, our understanding of the complexities of disease remains limited.

Introducing Sema4™—an innovative health information company dedicated to empowering healthier living through data.

Originating from the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City, Sema4 is an interdisciplinary partnership of scientists, doctors, engineers, clinicians, and genetic counselors. With a strong foundation of more than 160 years of clinical experience, world-class academic research, and pioneering information science, we are uniquely positioned to drive innovation in health.

We believe that the synthesis of information science and machine learning with the power of biodata at scale will revolutionize our ability to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease. At the center of our pursuit is a strong commitment to engaging patients as partners and sharing our data, so that every patient’s journey helps complete the greater picture.

Why Sema4?

Our name is derived from semaphorea device used for sending signals. In this spirit, our team will discern signal from noise across trillions of data points in pursuit of our mission to gain meaningful insights into human health.


    BLOOMBERG | 06.19.18

    Data is Key to Medical Care

    “At Sema4, we focus on delivering state of the art testing on patients in their normal health course. So, think of genomic testing, carrier screening, non-invasive prenatal testing, somatic tumor profiling. And, as we’re providing that state of the art testing, we are also aggregating lots of information around them regarding their condition, their electronic medical record, and even collecting information off devices, basically to better interpret the state of that individual, what kind of care they should receive, and what kind of disease or conditions they are at risk for…”

Leadership Team