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Our market-leading tests are developed using our advanced analytics tool, Centrellis™. This health intelligence platform analyzes and interprets extensive information about known inherited diseases, including related mutations, frequency across populations, and the penetrance and expressivity of genetic changes. Insights from Centrellis inform the design of our tests, which are curated to target the most clinically relevant genes and mutations. Centrellis is continuously updated based on the latest scientific advances, which allows us to rapidly evolve our test offerings and provide meaningful clinical interpretations.


Noninvasive Prenatal Select

A simple blood test for meaningful insight into your baby’s health as early as 9 weeks into pregnancy
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Expanded Carrier Screen

A comprehensive and accurate carrier screen for more than 283 inherited conditions if you’re pregnant or preparing for pregnancy
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Natalis Newborn Screen

A simple, at-home test that gives you early insight into your baby’s health by screening for 193 childhood diseases
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Sema4 Signal Oncology Solutions

Sema4 Signal enables and advances precision oncology care, from prevention to treatment to remission
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Test Catalog

Our comprehensive offering of genetic and genomic tests, powered by state-of-the-art technologies
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