• Andrew V. Uzilov, Marc Fink, Yeygeniy Antipin, Katie Raustad, Robert Sebra, Shuyu Dan Li, Eric Schadt, Rong Chen, et al. | Genome Medicine | 1 June 2016

    The Clinical Utility of Understanding Complex Genomes

    Development and clinical application of an integrative genomic approach to personalized cancer therapy

    Personalized therapy provides the best outcome of cancer care and its implementation in the clinic has been greatly facilitated by recent convergence of enormous progress in basic cancer research, rapid advancement of new tumor profiling technologies, and an expanding compendium of targeted cancer therapeutics. We developed and carried out a personalized cancer therapy study, generating extensive DNA and RNA data on cancer patients to molecularly characterize the makeup of a patient’s tumor, what the potential drivers of the tumor are, and what existing therapies, clinical trials, or de novo treatment strategies may apply. From our study, we validated the utility of such a program by demonstrating therapeutic recommendations for 91% of patients in the study.