• Eric Schadt, Erick Scott, Samantha Violante, et al. | Nature Biotechnology | 13 March 2017

    Using Mobile Health Apps to Conduct Clinical Research

    The Asthma Mobile Health Study, A Large-Scale Clinical Observational Study Using ResearchKit

    The feasibility of using mobile health applications to conduct observational clinical studies requires rigorous validation. The Asthma Mobile Health Study (AMHS) is one of the few studies to examine the value and validity of the novel mobile health research platform, ResearchKit. We demonstrated that a broad-scale study can be conducted in its entirety via a smartphone application, including remote recruitment, consent, enrollment, and secure bi-directional data flow between investigators and participants. For AMHS, we prospectively collected detailed, multi-dimensional, longitudinal data on an asthma cohort more efficiently than traditional epidemiological studies by automating, standardizing, and accelerating various costly and time-consuming processes. Our study’s rapid recruitment and participants’ willingness to share de-identified data broadly highlight users’ acceptance of this methodology for low-risk health studies.