Delivering better women’s health care, together

Sema4 offers a comprehensive approach to women’s health, providing a wide range of high-quality testing, service and support solutions to help you deliver better outcomes for your patients.

“At Sema4, our goal is to use predictive modeling to identify women who are at high risk and help ensure they are properly cared for during their pregnancy journey.”

Eric Schadt, Founder and CEO of Sema4


Solutions for every stage of the reproductive journey

Women’s health is a major focus for Sema4. We deploy robust science and cutting-edge tools to give patients more actionable information all along the family journey through advanced genomic testing. Today, we offer gold-standard testing for carrier screening, noninvasive prenatal testing, and newborn screening, as well as hereditary cancer testing.

Sema4 utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and are continuously developing new tests to ensure the highest accuracy and most reliable results to help improve patient care.

Setting the gold standard for Carrier Screening

Sema4’s Expanded Carrier Screen is already considered one of the most comprehensive carrier screens available, providing accurate, actionable insights into carrier status for a broad range of hereditary conditions to help patients make more informed pregnancy planning choices. Continuously innovating, an even more robust version of our Expanded Carrier Screen will soon be available with personalized residual risk and screening for up to 502 genes. Learn more about the benefits of our latest offering.

Flexible panel options

Our portfolio of carrier screening options allows for flexibility, customization, and patient-specific test selection. Expanded Carrier Screen spans 283 genes for the most comprehensive option, but smaller gene panels — ranging from 4 genes to 283 genes — are also available. Analysis is performed on blood or saliva samples, with results available in about two weeks. Each test includes genetic counseling, customer support, patient video education, and multiple reporting options (EMR, portal, paper).

Unparalleled support

We understand the complexity that comes with navigating the world of genetics and genomics—including test ordering, billing, insurance coverage, genetic counseling, and reporting of results —and offer services and digital tools to support you, your practice, and your patients.

Seamless workflow integration and provider support

  • Personalized services to seamlessly align with your practice workflow
  • Digital tools, such as the Sema4 provider portal, to make it easy for you to order and review test results, access detailed test information, and interface with your EMR
  • Genetic counseling services for your patients and practice to offer education, assistance interpreting results, and guidance on care options

Support for patients

  • In-network with the majority of national and regional insurers. We also accept both Medicaid and Medicare and are dedicated to helping providers and patients navigate the billing landscape
  • Patient-friendly billing policies, including competitive self-pay prices and financial assistance programs
  • Patients can track their tests, view results, and access educational materials through the Sema4 patient portal

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